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Experience Excellence with Our Specialty Coffee Roasting

Introduction to Our Women-Owned Roastery

Based in Hillsboro, Oregon, our women-owned specialty coffee roasting company offers an exceptional selection of high-quality specialty grade coffees sourced from around the world. Our commitment to the coffee roasting process ensures that every cup delivers an extraordinary coffee experience.

The Coffee Roasting Process

Selecting the Finest Beans

The journey of our coffee begins with the careful selection of the best beans. We source high-quality specialty grade coffees from renowned coffee-growing regions, ensuring that only the finest beans are brought into our roasting facility in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Precision Roasting

Our expert roasters blend art and science to master the coffee roasting process. By precisely controlling variables such as temperature and roasting time, we unlock the full potential of each bean, bringing out its unique flavors and aromas.

Our Dedication to Quality

What Makes Us the Best Coffee Roasters

As one of the best coffee roasters in the Portland, Oregon Metro area, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality. Every step of our process, from bean selection to the final roast, is meticulously managed to enhance the natural flavors of our coffee.

Ideal for Drip Coffee Makers

Our specialty coffees are perfect for brewing in a drip coffee maker. The consistent extraction process of a drip coffee maker highlights the rich, nuanced flavors of our expertly roasted beans, ensuring a perfect cup every time.


Experience the exceptional quality of our specialty coffees, crafted through a meticulous coffee roasting process. As a women-owned company in Hillsboro, Oregon, we are passionate about providing the best coffee experience. Enjoy our specialty coffees brewed in a drip coffee maker or any other method, and taste the difference that dedication makes.

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