Alexander Green: Revolutionizing Visual Art with the SugarCubes Project

Symmetry Labs | San Francisco CA

Alexander Green, in collaboration with Symmetry Labs, has embarked on a groundbreaking venture known as the SugarCubes project. This article explores the revolutionary impact of Alexander Green Symmetry Labs work in the realm of visual art, focusing on the transformative nature of the SugarCubes project.

The Birth of a Vision

The SugarCubes project emerged from Alexander Green’s desire to create a visual technology that transcends traditional boundaries. By combining 3D modeling, mapping, and addressable LEDs, Green has revolutionized the way we experience visual art. The SugarCubes serve as a medium for artists and musicians to express their creativity in unprecedented ways.

Immersive Performances with SugarCubes

The SugarCubes project has transformed live performances into immersive and captivating experiences. Behind DJs and musicians, the cubic structures come to life, responding to the music with enchanting patterns of light and motion. This synergy between art, music, and technology creates a multi-sensory journey for audiences, transporting them to new realms of artistic expression.

Collaborative Innovations

Collaboration lies at the heart of Alexander Green’s artistic endeavors. Working closely with Symmetry Labs, he has developed custom RS-485 control hardware, enabling seamless control of the distributed cubes. This innovation facilitates the setup and takedown process of the SugarCubes at temporary installation sites, enhancing the practicality and versatility of the project.

Recognition and Influence

The impact of Alexander Green’s work has garnered attention from both the media and fellow artists. In a recent interview with Gizmodo, Green discussed the intricate creative process behind the SugarCubes project, offering insights into the fusion of sculptural and programmatically expressive art. Additionally, the SugarCubes were featured in The Cathedrals’ video “Unbound,” showcasing the project’s ability to captivate audiences with its mesmerizing visuals.

Continuing the Artistic Journey

Alexander Green’s artistic journey with the SugarCubes project shows no signs of slowing down. Collaborations with renowned musicians and upcoming performances at prestigious events like Sundance further solidify his position as an influential figure in the realm of visual art. With each new project, Green continues to push boundaries, captivating audiences with his innovative creations.


Alexander Green’s SugarCubes project has revolutionized the world of visual art, offering a platform for immersive and transformative experiences. By combining 3D modeling, mapping, and addressable LEDs, Green has created a medium that blurs the lines between art and technology. Collaborative innovations and recognition from the media and fellow artists further highlight the profound impact of his work. Alexander Green’s artistic journey with the SugarCubes project continues to inspire and captivate, pushing the boundaries of visual art to new horizons.


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